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Posted 5/3/2014 7:02am by Heidi Thunberg.
Farmer's Report 

Plant Sale Begins
The weather may finally be changing and the time to plant is here. We have put in our carrots and peas into the ground and transplanted kale, cabbage, spinach, lettuce and beets into the field. If it gets just a touch warmer all of these plants will take off and grow for our early summer veggies. We aren't quite sure what to make of this very cold spring, but we all are hoping for the best and that we'll be getting some cooperation from the weather soon. 

That means it's time for you to get started in your garden, too. Heidi and the crew have been busy seeding for the fields and for the plant sale that is going on right now in our Farmstand greenhouse. We have a nice variety of mixed 6-packs, our very cute "insta-garden" peat pots and 4" pots of bigger plants. Look to the right for a full lost of what's available now. It's going to be a beautiful weekend. Stop on by and get your garden going!

Finally, the first batch of piglets has arrived! Oh my goodness, they are ridiculously cute. We have a few varieties this year: our usual Tamworths, some Berkshires, and one beautiful Gloucester Old Spot. They are just to the left of the main gate to OTS (the big field on your left on the way to Plains Meadow). Make sure you go to check them out.