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Posted 10/18/2012 2:50pm by Heidi Thunberg.
The Down Low

Farmers' Report

We must wave a fond farewell to our heat-loving crops with the frost that settled in last Friday. Peppers, eggplant and even the beloved greenhouse tomatoes are gone. Sniff, sniff. We hurriedly harvested all day on Friday to get the peppers in before the frost took them. So, you will be seeing plenty of green peppers in the weeks to come. We will also be able to get one last harvest off of the tomatoes, which is pretty great considering that it’s mid-October. We hope you enjoy these last tastes of summer.

As the weather cools and our gears shift here at the farm, we have begun to plan for next year. We are now ready to take sign-ups for the 2013 Summer Produce Share
here. We will be offering two share sizes next year to accommodate all of our members, a half share for $325 and a full share for $600. If you sign-up and pay (at least one installment) by December 15th, 2012, we are offering a discount of $300 for the half share and $550 for the full share. Hurry and secure your place.

We will also be having our last Farm-to-Table of the season on October 27th, 2012. This will be an outdoor event, with a live acoustic band and the Ipswich Beer Truck (and a selection of 4 different beers on tap). Tickets are $45/person. Check out the menu on our
Facebook page.

Turkey sign-ups are still available in the Farmstand. We will be offering natural turkeys this year From Stonewood Farm in Orwell, VT and orders must be placed by November 10th. They are sized in small (12-15 lbs), medium (16-20 lbs) and large (21-25 lbs). Please call the Farmstand to place your order and pay the $20 deposit: 978-468-2277. 


 Eat your Veggies!

Every year we get more questions about celeriac than any other vegetable. Yes, it looks a little funny, but this is a truly delicious root that is sought out by chefs everywhere. This crop was one of the very first to be sown in the spring, some 5 1/2 months ago in the cold days of early March. They have been growing quietly over in the corner of Plains Meadow, being occassionally weeded, but mostly forgotten about as the other stars of the summer overshadowed  it. Now, finally, the celeriac is getting it's chance. Don't be surprised if you fall in love with the gentle potato/celery flavor and don't forget to use the greens for your next homemade stock.


Farmstand Fancies

A Peek in the Freezer

We have been expanding our offerings of meat in the freezer at the Farmstand. In particular, we are very excited to be offering our own lamb sausages. They are a delicious rosemary and paprika breakfast sausage and couldn't be more delicious. In addition we also have the following:

Mild Turkey Sausage-Stonewood Farms
Southern-Style Pork Ribs-Sonnental Dairy
Roasts, Steaks and Stew Beef-Miles Smith Farm
Sweet Italian Sausage Links-Wolfes Neck
Breakfast Sausage Links-Maine Grind

Scallops, Bay Shrimp, and Hake Fillets-Port Clyde Maine

Think easy weeknight meals in the crockpot and try these awesome recipes: 
Braised Beef and Onions, Hake with Wild Mushrooms, or Galician Pork and Vegetable Stew.


Staff Spotlight

Emmanuel Besana

If you have been to one of our farm-to-table dinners this summer, you will be familiar with Chef Besana's culinary talents and his deep love of food. He hales from Hartsdale, NY where he started his career as a prep cook. He then attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and an executive chef since 2004.

How did we find such a gem? Chef Besana "believes in the mission of sustainable food, knowing where your food comes from, and healthy eating habits." He stays because all the members of the Green Meadows staff believe in it, too. He has also said that he hopes to learn how to live life better through working at the farm. We hope you do too.

In his spare time, Chef Besana is an avid cyclist and a lover of books, but mostly he loves spending time with his two beautiful boys. It must be said that life in the back of the Farmstand has never been quite so lively. He regularly woos us with his eclectic musical tastes streaming from his laptop and his even more entertaining renditions of his favorite songs. We've even heard he's a mean dancer. Either way, he's a lot of fun to have around.

Posted 10/3/2012 2:47pm by Heidi Thunberg.

Posted 9/17/2012 8:43am by Heidi Thunberg.

Join us for another lovely evening on the farm and celebrate the Equinox in style. We'll be enjoying a delicious array of dishes including cornbread and sausage stuffed quail and watermelon pepita salad. The evening begins at 6 pm and tickets are $45/person. Call the Farmstand for more information: 978-468-2277.

Posted 8/27/2012 2:00pm by Heidi Thunberg.

We are now ready to take sign-ups for our Fall CSA shares. Fill your larder with our wonderful veggies all winter long. Limited spaces available. Sign up here. Thank you!

Posted 8/21/2012 4:08pm by Heidi Thunberg.
 It is upon us! This Saturday is our annual Harvest Fest. We are particularly excited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Green Meadows Farm. Initiated as a blueberry farm in the early 80's, Green Meadows has grown and changed over the years. It is wonderful to be a part of the history of commitment to local agriculture that this farm represents. Join us in what is sure to be a great day at the farm.
Posted 7/19/2012 9:24am by Heidi Thunberg.
The weather has been hot and dry here and across much of the country. The Midwest, as I am sure you know, has been devastated by the drought. Although our situation isn't nearly as dire, we have been irrigating the fields this week in an effort to save our crops from melting in the unrelenting July sun. There are some positives to dry, hot weather especially now that there are reports of late blight all around us in Massachusetts. Late blight affects all solanaceous crops, but most notably tomatoes and potatoes. It was responsible for the Irish potato famine of the mid 1800's. Once you have late blight, there is little that any farmer can do to stop the disease. Thankfully, the dry and hot weather is not conducive to it's spreading and we have thus far been spared, but be sure that we are monitoring the greenhouse tomatoes vigilantly.

By the way, Heidi is particularly pleased this week because we have begun to harvest the greenhouse tomatoes. So exciting!!! You can see the very first tomato she picked last week, a Purple Cherokee. Isn't it beautiful? So far, there are only a few pounds of tomatoes coming each week, but she harvests Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, if you want the first taste of farm-fresh tomatoes (a caprese comes to mind), stop in on those days around noon.

Posted 7/19/2012 9:19am by Heidi Thunberg.

Don't forget that we have a farm-to-table coming up on July 26th. There will be a delicious paella made with local seafood and our own vegetables. Tickets are $45/plate and include a complimentary glass of sangria. There will also be a cash bar with wine and beer. Call the farmstand to order tickets: 978-468-2277.

Posted 6/27/2012 7:12am by Heidi Thunberg.
How did you fare with that sizzling hot weather last week? We were impressed that there were still so many of you braving the sun in order to fill up on strawberries. Then again, if anything is worth it, the strawberries are. Frequently picking the fruit signals for the plant to keep producing, so thank you for keeping it up. There are still plenty of berries in the back right corner of the field, but their time in the limelight will soon be over (so fast!)-  make sure you enjoy them while they last. Our first Farm-to-Table dinner, featuring the lovely berry itself, was a success and it's safe to say a good time was had by all. Tickets are now available for our next dinner, a spanish-themed Paella Night, that will take place July 19th. There have been rumors of a crew-led salsa dance, but if that doesn't strike your fancy, do it for the sangria!

We owe a big thank you to the crew for starting early and making a great effort this past week to bring in those delicate greens before they wilted. The quality of all the greens and broccoli quickly degrades in the hot sun, so they have to be rushed to a cold water bath and then into our coolers. Time is of the essence and our crew did a great job keeping the pace up. You can see Megan in the photo above doing a quality check on the arugula. Hope you enjoy those cool salads as these summer days heat up.

The share has been plentiful the last few weeks as I am sure you have noticed. Have you been able to keep up with the abundance? Despite our best efforts to spread out the harvest evenly throughout the summer, it suddenly seems as if everything is ready to harvest in the fields. We carefully plan the year during the winter months so that you will have a variety of vegetables throughout the season, but mother nature usually has her own plan. Most crops are ripening two weeks early this year, which means you can look forward to blueberries in the not-so-distant future. There may also be a small drop in the size of the share as we move from early season crops, like broccoli and spinach, into the mid-season crops like peppers and eggplants. This is all part of belonging to a CSA where we share the ups and downs of the season together.

On that note, the CSA is full for the season! You can still
sign-up to be on the waiting list. We may be able to take on a couple more members when we can assess how things are doing out in the fields.  Thank you, members, for your support!
Posted 6/15/2012 8:40am by Heidi Thunberg.

Srawberry picking is now open to the public. Come to the farmstand and grab a container (or two or three) and make your way out to the fields! Yay! 

Posted 6/6/2012 6:57am by .

 The Farmstand was humming along this week as we saw many of you for a bonus distribution due to the lovely warm weather and an extra early seeding of spinach. And, lucky for you sweet little shareholders, we will have another bonus distribution this week. Please come in on your pick-up day and pick up a little something for the week.

The official start of our CSA produce share starts next week. We will be having our orientations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week at 3pm. Old and new CSA members alike should attend just one of those days in order to become familiar with the pick-up process and the location of this season's pick your own crops (not to mention meet Megan and Heidi).  

There are only 25 CSA shares left and still time to sign up! If you sign up this week by Sunday, you will be able to participate in our bonus week of distribution. Please call, register online or stop by in person if interested. 

You may have noticed the front field if you came to the Farmstand over the past week. Isn't it beautiful? We just transplated out our cherry and plum tomatoes last week and the snap, snow and shelling peas are climbing up their twine beautifully. We kept many of the pick-your-own crops close to the farmstand so they will be easy access for you all. Next to the trellised crops, are our many rows of brassicas. Brassicas are the broccolis, kales, collards, and cabbages and this huge family of vegetables is the most widely grown type of crop on our farm. They have been flourishing under their protective row cover, as have the weeds, and we are now working hard to keep it from getting overrun. Now that June is upon us, the farmers will be working hard at all aspects of vegetable growing: seeding, transplanting, weeding, and harvesting. Wish us luck as we try to balance it all!