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calendarWe're thrilled to announce that the 2012 calendars have arrived! They are full of some of my favorite images taken by photographer Paul Cary Goldberg. In addition to their large size, they are also printed on very nice thick linnen paper and the photos are extreemly sharp and beautiful. There are important dates listed throughout the year, like "Meet the Baby Sheep" and when our first CSA distribution starts. Each one is $29.99 and a portion of the sale goes to benefit our low income shares. Consider buying a few for gifts! For those of you who read our newsletter across the country, you can purchase one online here.


Speaking of Paul Cary Goldberg, he is working on a book for Caffe Sicilia. Click this link to view the beautiful slideshow of his work and see how you can contribute to the project.

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Paul Jaminet, author of "The Perfect Health Diet" will be at the farmstand for a question and answer session and to sign his book on Sunday, December 4th at 3pm.


He and his wife are scientists with a longstanding interest in diet and health. They have been experimenting with low-carb diets since 2005, have successfully healed their own "middle-age" and chronic health problems through diet, and have learned much that we would like to share.

They believe that:

  • Disease, premature aging, and impaired health have 3 primary causes: food toxicity, malnutrition, and chronic infections by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.
  • These 3 causes go together. People who eat toxic, nutrient-poor diets are more likely to contract chronic infections and do not easily recover from them.
  • Yet the body has amazing powers of recovery. On a healthy diet, the immune system can tackle and defeat most infections, especially with the aid of antimicrobial drugs.
  • A diet like the Perfect Health Diet should be the first treatment option in most diseases and an adjunct to therapy in all.

The book is available now at the Farmstand, or on

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You can now sign up for the Summer 2012 CSA Shares. Produce, fruit, pork and beef shares are all open. The price for the Summer Produce Share is $550 if you sign up by December 15th. After then, the price goes up to $600. Click here to sign up.

There will be only one size for the 2012 produce share. It is similar in size to a "small" share in years past. Having one share size will help us plan distributions much better. If you are a large family that likes vegetables, two shares might be a good choice for you. Members are welcome to share a membership, but we ask that only one member pick up per week to avoid confusion about what items were taken.

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The fall shares begin the week of October 31 and is an eight week long share. For $320, you will receive weekly distributions of locally grown produce including: broccoli, kale, chard, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, winter squash, turnips, carrots, and more. Click here to sign up.

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We had a very light frost on Saturday night. I saw some slight damage on some weeds and a few peppers. Overall, I think we dodged a bullet. This week the field crew will make a huge effort to clear harvest the rest of the peppers, eggplants and tomatoes. Frosts aren't all bad, though. The flavor of many cold hardy crops improves with the chilly air. In the photo above, all these crops (arugula, mustard, tatsoi, and Brussels sprouts) will improve in flavor with the cooler temperatures.

Hillary Tirrell and Rich Mandelbaum 10/10/10,
Photo by Paul Cary Goldberg
Congratulations to the two couples who wed at the farm this weekend! Emily and Mathias had their ceremony and dinner in the large field behind the raspberries. On Sunday, Hillary and Rich were married right in Plains Meadow and Duckworth's Bistrot catered their large wedding behind the farmstand. The newlyweds work at Duckworth's Bistrot and Ken, the owner, donated his time to cater the 140 guests as his wedding present to the couple.  

Just a reminder that we are taking Thanksgiving turkey and pie pre-orders in the farmstand. Turkeys are from Stonewood Farms in Vermont, and are raised without hormones and free-range. These are the same turkeys we get every year and we've been very happy with the quality. They are $4.69 per pound and requires a $20 deposit to hold one. For help on figuring out what size to order, we suggest 2lbs per person to have some leftovers. We also will have our own apple, pecan, or pumpkin pies for $20 each, paid at time of reservation. Please sign up at the register counter. 
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Farmer Andrew's Update

Sheep in woods, by Paul Cary Goldberg
sheep in barn


The sheep have moved again! In this beautiful photo, the sheep are beyond the raspberries, next to the river. They are positioned at the top of a hill with the Ipswich River behind them and a view of fields below. The forest offers some diversity in their diet and some shade as well as a pastoral view to stare out on while chewing the cud. 

Congratulations to Stacey and Pete on their beautiful wedding that took place last Saturday at the farm. We have another two weddings happening on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th and are hoping the weather cooperates! Thank you CSA members for being thoughtful about the weddings and not crashing the party.

We are working on a new website that will launch within the next couple of weeks. When it is completed, we will be able to take online sign ups for the winter shares, CSA shares and meat shares. Stay tuned for the launch date!

We are now taking Thanksgiving turkey and pie pre-orders in the farmstand. Turkeys are from Stonewood Farms in Vermont, and are raised without hormones and free-range. These are the same turkeys we get every year and we've been very happy with the quality. They are $4.69 per pound and requires a $20 deposit to hold one. For help on figuring out what size to order, we suggest 2lbs per person to have some leftovers. We also will have our own apple, pecan, or pumpkin pies for $20 each, paid at time of reservation. Please sign up at the register counter. 

Finally, there are still spots left for the "New England Farm Tour & Picnic Lunch" this Friday from 11am - 1pm. I'll be giving a tour of the farm followed by a picnic lunch prepared by our chef, and it will be finished off with warm apple crisp. Click here to sign up, or call Elizabeth at 978-740-0444.

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We've seen some amazing fall weather lately and the crew has been busy harvesting, thinning carrots, weeding and doing some very late transplanting. In the picture on the right, we are slowly working our way down the bed weeding and then thinning the carrots so they are at least one inch apart. Doing this will allow the carrots to get sunlight, water and nutrients so they grow quickly. With good weather, we should be able to harvest these carrots in late October all the way up to Christmas.
This past weekend, Diana and I took the kids to Unity, Maine for the Common Ground Country Fair. I ran into many CSA members up there as we watched the kids sled down a hill on flattened cardboard boxes. They had a total blast!  It was a really great festival celebrating agriculture, livestock, food, and eco-living in general. I highly encourage members and friends of Green Meadows to consider checking it out next summer. 

I'm getting ready for another tour through "Lobsters, Wineries and Foods of New England" tomorrow. For the last two years, we've been hosting a series of tour groups through Elderhostel. We linked up with the group through Annie Harris, Executive Director of  Essex National Heritage Commission. Eleven groups were booked to tour the farm then have a farm-fresh lunch under our tent. Participants come from all over the United States, and we're happy to hear how many grew up on farms themselves. They come to learn about our CSA, sustainable animal program, and how today's farmers are saving farmland by diversifying their business and crops. The farm is hosting a similar event called "New England Farm Tour and Picnic Lunch" on Friday, October 8th through Essex National Heritage Commission. Click here for more information and to sign up.

We've started getting questions about Thanksgiving turkeys. We will be doing a turkey sign-up in the farmstand for turkeys from
Stonewood Farm in Vermont. Sign up will begin next week.

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sheep in barn

Above is a photo of our newest addition to the farm. Rambo II is here to breed with our ewes. Because we want to make sure the babies are born when the weather is starting to turn warmer, we need to make sure Rambo doesn't meet the girls until late November/early December. This way, we will have lambs born in April, instead of the dead of winter when they are more likely to struggle because of the cold.

Fall crops continue to size up nicely with the perfect weather. The broccoli is starting to form heads, Brussels sprouts are fattening up, and the leeks look great. Believe it or not, the fall summer squash has started producing heavily!

Raspberries are still slowly producing. The bees are buzzing, but don't seem to mind pickers in their field. a 1/2 pint can certainly be picked in a short period of time.

Pork shares are starting to come in. If you signed up but have not been called yet, we'll get to your name soon. Because of storage issues, shares  must be picked up promptly. You can always postpone your pick up until the next round of shares if you are unable to pick up the day we need you to. The next group of pork shares will come around October 5th. Bacon and hams will not be available on that date. They are usually not ready for a couple more weeks.

We are taking sign ups again for Appleton beef shares. These are 20lb boxes of grass-fed and grass-finished beef raised right here on the North Shore. Boxes are 10lbs of ground meat and the rest in assorted steaks. The price is $165 per box. Sign ups limited to the first 30 people, please give us your name and number in the farmstand. Pick up day is Friday, October 15th.

Please mark your calendar for Operation Troop Support at the farm on Saturday, October 16th. On this occasion, families of military troops serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, returned veterans from those areas, and the volunteers from the North Shore who have been working to support them are invited to come to be appreciated as guests of the Farm. CSA members are encouraged to pass the word to veterans and their families and ask them to contact Joanne's office at (978) 468-3769 for information.

In the farmstand kitchen, we sold several quarts of soup this week before it even hit the fridge, due to the amazing aromas that filled the store. We will have chicken rice soup again this week and other soups later in the week. The roasted chickens are also selling faster than we can stock them. Fall is here!