Field Trips

Visit us for your next field trip. Our educational tour will introduce students to life on a working organic farm. 

Join our educator on a walking tour of our greenhouses, fields, and education garden. Students will encounter a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables in different stages of plant maturity.  Students will also have the opportunity to  meet and interact with pigs, chickens, lambs, and our farm dog, Blue. Our educator will show how we care for our farm animals and how the animals contribute to the farm.  We provide age-appropriate, hands-on learning experience such as planting, watering, weeding, or harvesting crops, as well as feeding the animals.  (Activities will vary depending on the season, age, and size of the group). Trips can be tailored to meet your classroom's needs. Some topics for discussion during your visit may include: 

  • Organic Farming - Discover what it means to be organic and how it affects us and our world.

  • Composting- Delve into the microscopic world of recycling organic waste.

  • Farm Animals - Explore how livestock benefits our farm and provides food for us.

  • Seed to Food - Observe how a seed becomes food from germination to harvest. 

  • Greenhouses - Learn about the role of modern greenhouses in farming.

  • CSA - Find out about the benefits of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

  • Life of a Chicken - Study the development and progress of our birds.

  • Farm History - Learn the history of Green Meadows Farm and the Patton Family.

  • Farm Diversity- Gain understanding of integrated diversified farming.

Field trips are 90 minutes long and cost $8 per student with a minimum of 10 students. Picnic tables for a snack or lunch are available upon request.

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