To supplement what comes in from our fields, we purchase other fruit and vegetables that we do not grow to offer our customers variety. We source our produce and fruit as locally and organically as we can. 

Our grocery items are mostly from small, local companies. We work with small-scale distributors to carry artisinal products that are not easily found in grocery stores. Many items are gluten- and wheat-free. 

We also carry retail cuts of our own pork and lamb in our freezers including chops, roasts, sausage, hams and bacon. In addition, we have grass-fed beef, and organic chicken, from regional farms.

Customers also love our own sourdough bread, frozen pizza dough, sandwiches, hot soups, and seasonal prepared foods that our chef makes on-site. 

Our coolers are full of local and organic raw milk cheeses, grass-fed and organic milk, lacto-fermented vegetables, local gelato, and beverages without corn syrup.