Heritage Meat and Eggs

Laying Hens

Green Meadows Farm has approximately 200 laying hens. Our chickens are moved frequently on pasture, allowing them a diet of grass, forage and bugs while being supplemented with a mix of organic grains. As they are moved around they improve the soil beneath them as they scratch and add manure. Typically, our chickens lay one egg about every day and a half, depending on the weather and daylight hours. Typical grocery store eggs are weeks old, whereas our eggs sell out nearly every day and can last a month or more in your fridge.

Our eggs are available for retail sale and we sometimes offer shares during the season. When egg shares become available, they will be listed here. We also sell our laying hens as layers and stewing birds at the end of the season. Please call to ask about availability in December.


We raise heritage breeds of sheep at the farm each year. We move them all over the property with mobile electric fencing, to ensure they always get a varied diet of fresh pasture grasses. The quality of lamb far surpasses all conventionally grown lamb. We sell the lamb as shares in October and they typically sell out within days. Sign-up for our newsletter here to be notified when the shares go up for sale. 


Our forest-raised pork is extremely popular with our customers. Our pigs are kept outside for the growing season, being moved through pasture and forest. In addition to organic grain and forage, these pigs are also the first recipients of any leftover milk and organic vegetables from the farmstand. We’ve raised a variety of Heritage breed pigs including Tamworth and Berkshires. Each year we get a new group of piglets which we raise all summer and process in the fall and winter. Click here to learn more about our forest-raised meat and why it's so great. You can buy our pork as shares starting in October each year. There are pork shares available for sale if they are listed to the left.