Homeschool Programs

The Seasonal Farmer

This program is designed to give students a full understanding of day-to-day life on a farm throughout the course of three seasons.  In monthly 3-hour sessions, we will introduce your children to new vocabulary, real-world math, and science concepts while having fun along the way.

Each 3-hour session will include:

Greenhouse Time–This is where many of our crops start. Students will have a chance to plant and care for seasonal seedlings in preparation for our education garden.

  • Field Time– Students will get down-and-dirty in our education garden. Depending on the season, some of the activities may include planting seedlings, caring for current crops, observing crop growth and development, harvesting, and evaluating weather and soil qualities.

  • Animal Time – Our pigs, sheep, and chickens need daily attention. Students will have hands-on opportunities to take care of our farm animals while learning about their important roles on the farm. Activities may include: observing and determining animal needs, feeding, collecting/counting/packing eggs for retail, and sheep shifting.


Cost: $245 for all 7 sessions or $37 per session. Class meets from 9 am - 12 pm. This is the schedule for 2017:


April 12th

May 10th

June 14th

July 5th

August 2nd

September 6th

October 4th

Who May Attend:

  • Students ages 7 and older with or without a parent/guardian.

  • Students ages 3-6 accompanied by an adult.

  • Siblings of a registered student under age 3 for free, but must be cared for by a parent at all times.

A  minimum of 8 students is required to run this program. If the minimum is not met, a full refund will be provided.

To sign up for the Homeschool program, download this form and send it into us with your payment.

Please use this contact form to request more information from our Education Department.



Build-Your -Own Program

Green Meadows Farm offers many opportunities to enhance your at-home curriculum. We will work with you to create a 90-minute program that suits your group’s interests. Some of the topics that may be included are:

  • Life on a Farm - Dig into the day-to-day life on a farm and how we produce the food we eat with plants and animals.

  • Organic Farming - Discover what it means to be organic and how it affects us and our world.

  • Composting- Delve into the microscopic world of recycling organic wastes.

  • Farm Animals - Learn how livestock benefits our farm and provides food for us.

  • CSA - Find out what Community Supported Agriculture is all about.

  • Seed to Food - Explore how a seed becomes food from germination to harvest.

  • Seasons on the farm - Investigate the farm year-round.  We never stop working; we are always planning the next crop.

$80 per 90-minute session for up to 10 Students, $8 for each student in addition to the 10th.

Please use this contact form to request more information from our Education Department.