Now Hiring: Farm Chef

We are currently hiring for a Farm Chef. This is the perfect opportunity for a sous chef who would like to take the next step up. We have a commercial kitchen on site that has been used to prepare sandwiches, soups, canned goods, take-home meals, bread and other baked goods for our customers. Three years ago we started a farm-to-table dinner series during the summer also started catering our own private functions including rehearsal dinners, weddings, and anniversary dinners. We are looking to build on this solid base of offerings and bring in a few more events and perhaps add some off-site catering to our repertoire. Responsibilities in this position include:

§  Communicating with the farmers in terms of what is needed from the field and with the farm stand staff about what will be produced from the kitchen.

§  Ordering and maintaining inventory for all kitchen needs.

§  Hiring and managing a part-time staff person, if needed, to keep up production in the busy months.

§  Creating menus for parties, farm-to-table dinners and outside catering.

§  Production or direct management of all our prep foods offerings including the basics like soups and sandwiches and more involved items like a weekend take-home menu.

§  Knowledge of costing and the ability to properly price the food produced.

We are looking for a motivated individual who excels at both the production of delicious food and has an entrepreneurial drive to create more business. Qualified candidates would possess the following attributes:

§  A professional and positive attitude with excellent communication skills even in the fast-paced environment of a kitchen.

§  A love of local, fresh and organic food and the ability to make seriously delicious food from scratch. §  In-depth knowledge of food production methods and the ability to produce for up to 150 guests at a time.

§  The desire to expand this division of the farm to include more offerings to a customer base that is hungry for more.

Candidates should have at least 2 years of experience on the line in a restaurant in addition to 1 year of experience in a managerial role, creating menus, doing inventory, and pricing. This position is seasonal from March until December. The schedule is somewhat flexible and hours are mostly in the daytime except for dinners and parties. The number of hours/week will vary depending on the season and the number of events that we have, with an average of 40 hours/week over the season. Pay is commensurate with experience ($13-$15/hr) and additional compensation will be discussed after three months of proven sales.

To apply, please email admin@gmfarm.com with your resume and cover letter. Thank you.