Meat Shares

 Currently Available Shares: 

Beef Shares from Miles Smith Farm: Click here to sign-up and pay the deposit online. Order your beef share by the 30th of the month and it will arrive by the third week of the following month. You may also call the Farmstand at 978-468-2277 to sign-up.

Pork Shares are now available. You can click here to sign up for one

General Information

Availability of our meat shares depend upon when the animals are ready for processing. They are usually available at the end of the season (September through December). We announce when our meat shares go up for sale through our newsletter. Please sign-up here for our newsletter.


Pork Shares

Pork shares weigh approximately 40lbs and include frozen, raw pork in labeled, portioned packages. The fresh pork is sold at $8.99 per pound and includes approximately 20-25lbs of assorted cuts including: ground, country style ribs, pork chops, pork butt. The smoked pork is naturally processed with no nitrates and includes approximately 5-7lbs of ham and bacon at $12.49 per pound.

We will email you when your share is available. It is important to come pick up your share as soon as it is available, as we do not have storage for meat shares.


We have delicious whole chickens for sale once a year in November or December. These are our laying hens and, being a dual-purpose breed, they are appropriate for eggs and meat. They are not your typical big-breasted roaster you will fiind in the supermarket, but they are the most flavorful chicken you have probably ever had. 


Green Medows Farm-raised lamb is available as a share in August. There really is nothing like grass-fed lamb. Lamb shares are approximately 20 lbs and include assorted cuts: chops, steaks, ground, leg and shoulder.

Beef Shares

We offer 20 lb beef share boxes through Miles Smith Farm in New Hampshire on a monthly basis. We put these shares on sale for the first two weeks of each month and they are ready to be picked up on the 15th of the following month. We will contact you when they are ready to pick up. You can order it through our online store here or call the Farmstand at 978-468-2277. 

The share costs $205 and is due at pick-up. The cattle are either Angus Cross or Scottish Highlander, both grass-fed and finished.  It will be labelled as to what type of beef.

The breakdown of a 20 lb boxes is as follows:
about 3 lbs of either - Kabob meat, stew meat, chuck steak, minute/cube steak, sausage, short ribs, skirt steak, etc.
about 2 lbs of Rib-eye steak/T-bone/Porterhouse steaks
about 2 lbs of strip/sirloin steak
about 3 lbs of roast
approx 10lb of ground beef.
These weights and cuts can vary, but for the most part, this is the guide we use.