Our Staff

Farm Owner, Joanne H. Patton

Joanne Patton is the widow of Green Meadows Farm’s founder, Major General George S. Patton. She assumed his role 10 years ago, overseeing the Farm in conjunction with her family – all supporters of organic agriculture. Joanne is Green Meadows Farm's biggest and most beloved supporter. Her travels as an Army wife made her an adventurous eater. All vegetables are her favorites – but eggplant (especially in her caviar recipe) is tops!


Heidi Thunberg is the Farm Manager. She loves working in all aspects of the farm, but she has a soft spot for the greenhouses. You can usually find her there happily communing with the tomatoes and cucumbers. She is also a mom of two fabulous boys, who are the resident chicken catchers.

Upon graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she spent a couple years working in Japan and then for a Japanese company in the U.S. She then decided that farming was the life for her and worked on both dairy and CSA farms in New England.

This is her 5th season at the farm and she still can't seem to get enough. Heidi says that she loves her job and is excited to be at Green Meadows Farm because of the important role a farm has in its community. When she's not farming (that is, for the month of January) Heidi loves to knit, translate Japanese, and play with her boys. Her favorite vegetables are bitter greens cooked with lots of garlic.


Holly King is the Farmstand Manager and loves the challenge of both running our lovely stand and baking those delicious pies and cakes we offer around the holidays. Holly's first playpen was a 160 quart bread mixer in her Dad’s upstate New York bakery. By four she was making snowflake rolls and by the third grade she was up at 4:00 AM with Dad making doughnuts. 

Holly headed to SUNY Potsdam to earn a degree in geology and environmental science, areas she had become interested in growing up a tomboy on her family’s small organic farm. She still loves to get her hands dirty with all of us farmers and is looking forward to growing the community that is Green Meadows Farm. Her favorite vegetable is, well, all of them. 




Christine Green, our Education Director, relocated to MA in 2010 with her Husband Todd and two children, Rita and Joe. Originally from Chicago, IL and the youngest of 9 children, she loves to call home and share stories from life on the farm. Christine first found Green Meadows farm through a friend and CSA member and it was love at first sight. She loves that all of her passions are celebrated in one place : growing, cooking and eating great food, taking care of the environment, and the sense of community that her family can be part of.  When she is not at the farm, Christine enjoys spending time cooking, gardening, spending time with her family, and fellowship. Christine is a enthusiastic Kohlrabi fan, but loves butternut squash, broccoli, spinach and really whatever is the newest item out of the field.   


Shannon has been working in the Farmstand for five seasons now. She is originally from Iowa and moved to Manchester to be a Nanny. There she met her husband. They live in Ipswich with their three children. In fact, two of her kids also work at the farm, one in the farmstand and one with the field crew. When she's not working, Shannon loves to cook, bake, bike and run. Her flower garden is also very important to her. Her favorite vegetable is arugula.