Organic Vegetables and Fruit

At Green Meadows Farm, we grow a large variety of certified organic vegetables.  Approximately 10 acres are under cultivation in vegetables and an additional three acres in blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Our goal is to provide organic vegetables grown on the farm (either in the fields or in the greenhouses) for as much as the year as we are able.

The first crops we harvest from the fields are fall-sown spinach and greens from our hoophouses. As the warm weather and sunlight increase, the daily harvest increases dramatically. By late fall, the fields are mostly growing a winter cover crop. Some crops, like brussel sprouts, leeks, broccoli, carrots, and dark leafy greens are harvested until around Christmas. As the temperatures stay below freezing, chard, lettuce and arugula are harvested from the hoophouses in the winter.

 Growing nutritious vegetables and fruits requires sufficient fertility. Our goal as growers is to provide the vegetables and fruits with all the macro and micro nutrients they need to grow. We use organic compost, organic minerals and cover crops to maintain the fertility of our fields. This cover crop will prevent leaching to occur and keep the left over fertility in the upper layers of the soil profile.

 Vegetables takes a lot out of the soil. Allowing the fields to rest, or lay fallow, provides the soil time to rebuild all the microorganism populations that are depleted when plowing, tilling and harvesting. A one year fallow period has been proven throughout history to be necessary for continued production. Sheep, chickens and pigs are rotated onto the fallow land to add manure.