What is a CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture". It is a system of running a farm where customers pay for a share of the harvest up front and then receive produce as it becomes available throughout the growing season. This, in turn, helps the farmer with start-up costs and creates a more financially stable farm.

 At Green Meadows Farm, we operate a summer produce share, a fall produce share, a flower share and a fruit share. Our summer share runs from mid-June through October. The fall share runs from November through December and has limited openings. To sign-up for any of these shares, please click here.

 We also sell meat shares that work a bit differently from the other shares. Click here for more information on them.

Benefits of being a CSA Shareholder: 

Certified organically-grown vegetables and berries, harvested at their peak of nutritional value.

 A weekly e-newsletter containing seasonal recipes, as well as an update on the crops and notice of upcoming events.

 The opportunity to learn how your food is grown.

 Access to exclusive pick-your-own crops.

Support of the local economy, the community, and local agriculture.

For more information and details of what we offer this year, please click here for our CSA Member Agreement.


Signing up  is easy! Just click here.